Mayor Pushes Bond Despite Anti-Democrat Super PAC Campaign

Voters in Vermont’s largest city will decide on Tuesday whether to support a $9 million fiscal stability bond. Burlington Mayor Miro Weinberger has proposed the ballot item to essentially refinance the city’s debt, but the new mayor is seeing some new opposition from a conservative super PAC.

Voter Registration Spikes On Deadline Day

Election Day is next Tuesday, but the deadline to register to vote in Vermont is today. It’s been a busy afternoon at city and town clerks’ offices across the state, as last minute get-out-the-vote drives have overwhelmed town officials with voter registration applications.

Memorial Auditorium Damaged In Weekend Drinking Party

An investigation is under way into reports of damage to the Burlington city-owned Memorial Auditorium following a weekend party.  And at least 16 party-goers were cited by police on allegations of alcohol-related violations.

UVM Responses To Rape Survey

A report suggests it could cost the University of Vermont more than $100,000 a year to address sexual violence issues following a fraternity rape-survey scandal.