Burlington, Winooski Schools Partner for Education

Vermont’s political leaders visited Burlington High School Monday, highlighting a new initiative between Burlington and Winooski. The state’s two most diverse school districts are working together to remodel and rethink their education systems, and they’re getting a little help from civic leaders.

Shumlin Plans To Evaluate How Loud F-35s Are In Florida

Gov. Peter Shumlin says he’ll travel to Florida next week, where he’ll hear first-hand the sound of fighter jets that could soon be based at the Vermont Air Guard in South Burlington, fulfilling a campaign promise that he made to progressive supporters who oppose the F-35 program.

A ‘Half-Step’ Toward Marijuana Legalization

Last week’s election energized supporters of marijuana legalization, with Colorado and Washington voters legalizing the drug in their states. In Burlington, voters passed a non-binding­ referendum with 70 percent of the vote in favor of legalizing, taxing and regulating cannabis and hemp.