Human Services Budget Faces $44M In Cuts

The Agency of Human Services will have to contend with some of the biggest policy and financial challenges facing the state. Agency Secretary Doug Racine is our guest on Vermont Edition to discuss how he’ll manage these services in the face of $44 million in budget cuts.

Frustrations flare over state worker layoffs

The Douglas administration says it can lay off more state workers without legislative approval. And the administration says it may be forced to cut an additional 200 jobs, unless it can win more concessions from the state employees union.

State ends year with small surplus

When Administration Secretary Neale Lunderville closed the 2009 budget, there was still $14 million on hand. But he says that’s not an indication that Vermont’s financial problems are over.

Voices in the week’s news: June 12, 2009

Gas prices rose, Vermont Yankee leaked, the Democrats offered an olive branch and Vermont was found to be safe and green. These were some of the voices in the news this week.