Julia Alvarez

Writer Julia Alvarez talks with VPR’s Jane Lindholm about her newest young adult novel. And reporter Bruce Edwards discusses the recent downturn in the recyclables market.

Maximize your composting and recycling

Get a crash course on what you can and can’t recycle, how to set up a composting system in your backyard, and what role all this plays in reducing our waste. Also, a Vermont reporter in Havana updates us on an Upper Valley youth baseball team that’s visiting Cuba.

Creating More Housing at Affordable Prices

Affordably priced housing can be hard to come by in Vermont, with one estimate saying the median house price across the state is $206,000. We talk with two builders who have differing viewpoints on how to create more affordably priced housing. Also, reporter Bruce Edwards on an extensive study about the health and environemntal impact of Omya’s mining operations in Florence, Vermont.