Shumlin Announces Release Of New Bird Atlas

A book that’s a resource for understanding Vermont’s bird populations has just been published. "Second Atlas of Breeding Birds of Vermont," was produced with the help of 350 volunteers who donated thousands of hours compiling the information.

Already February, And Still Waiting For Winter

While the temperatures and overall snowfall totals aren’t record breaking, many local businesses and snow sport enthusiasts are struggling this winter. The fluctuating temperatures and lack of snow are affecting everything from winter sports and local businesses to birds and plants.

New! BirdNote

The first episode of BirdNote on VPR is about starlings.  They can be a pest at our bird feeders, but loved by many.  Be sure to watch the video of a starling murmeration.

Fall Migration Bird Show

The weather’s getting colder and the leaves are falling: time for the fall bird show! Naturalist and self-described "bird diva" Bridget Butler answers questions from listeners about all things bird-related.

Spring Migration Bird Show

"Bird Diva" Bridget Butler answers your questions about bird behavior and when we can expect to see specific species returning to our region. Also, the crime novels of Archer Mayor, recreated as audio plays.

VT Edition: Fall Bird Migration

VPR’s Jane Lindholm talks with naturalist and self described bird diva Bridget Butler about fall bird migrations and find out which ones of our feathered friends will keep us company throughout the winter months.

Fall bird migration

"Bird Diva" Bridget Butler talks all things ornithological on Vermont Edition’s fall bird show. Also, winter weather predictions from the Old Farmer’s Almanac.