Midday Newscast: September 29, 2008

Vermont earned $620,000 in last week’s first-ever auction of "carbon credits”; Congress has doubled home heating assistance, but community action agencies across Vermont say that still won’t cover all the needs; Brattleboro plans to buy biodiesel fuel for its school buses this year.

Brattleboro uses grant for cleaner buses

Brattleboro’s share of a $314,406 Environmental Protection Agency grant to five communities will enable its 35 school buses to burn cleaner-burning biodiesel fuel this year.

Vermont’s Biodiesel Future

The use of biofuels is growing in Vermont. Some experts now say biodiesel could eventually supply up to a quarter of the state’s liquid fuel needs. The biodiesel industry could also be a source of jobs in Vermont, and it could be a boon to farmers – a few of whom are already growing biofuel crops to power their tractors and feed their livestock. We discuss the pros and cons of biodiesel and Vermont’s efforts to develop this potential fuel source.