Lawmakers look ahead

Each lawmaker brings his or her own perspective to the work of the Legislature, and we talk with two of them with unique backgrounds – 22 year old Rep. Kesha Ram of Burlington, and Sen. Bill Doyle, whose served Washington County for 40 years. Also, how a bill becoems a law, and we learn some of the history of the Statehouse building.

Welch undecided on amended bailout bill

Earlier this week, Congressman Peter Welch voted against the bail out plan because he was concerned that it placed too great a burden on taxpayers. Welch says he needs to balance several factors as he decides how he’ll vote on the amended bill.

Prosecuting sex crimes

The attorney general and most of the state’s prosecutors are in favor of changes that would make it easier to prosecute sex crimes. We talk with Attorney General Bill Sorrell and Bennington County State’s Attorney Erica Marthage about why they support these reforms. And VPR’s Ross Sneyd joins us to analyze how the candidates for governor are approaching this issue.

Morning Newscast: August 13, 2008

Anthony Pollina may have to return some campaign donations;  Chinese officials are disputing a proposed electronics recycling bill; Verizon Wireless has changed their policy regarding releasing addresses to 911 operators; The Vermont Arts Council and Lyman Orton are offering some of the largest commissions ever to artist who depict Vermont’s challenges.

Attorney General says hemp bill is constitutional

The Attorney General’s office has issued a key Constitutional ruling regarding hemp legislation passed by lawmakers this year. While the decision only affects the hemp bill, it establishes the legal framework to resolve similar constitutional controversies in the future.

Secretary of State Deb Markowitz

Bob Kinzel talks with Secretary of State Deb Markowitz about two election-related bills that have been vetoed, and their implications for the November election. VPR’s Ross Sneyd analyzes the top stories this week, and we listen back to some of the voices in the week’s news.

Midday Newscast May 21, 2008

The White House press secretary says President Bush plans to veto the farm bill today; Congressman Peter Welch is in the midst of a dustup in Washington over the Environmental Protection Agency’s refusal to adopt state tailpipe emission standards; more…