Big Hydro: Changes To Cree Culture

For centuries, the native Cree people of northern Quebec subsisted largely on hunting, fishing and trapping. But the coming of huge hydroelectric projects in James Bay 40 years ago changed that way of life.

Big Hydro: Environmental Impacts

Large hydroelectric dams are seen as one of the most environmentally friendly energy sources, but damming rivers and redirecting their flow isn’t benign. Fish habitat is harmed. Mercury is released into the environment. And the projects themselves can even release greenhouse gases.

Small Hydro Projects Move Forward

Many of Vermont’s villages and towns were built around water power, and many of the small dams that produced that power still exist. But few of the old dams have been revived. Critics have blamed the state Agency of Natural Resources for the holdup. Officials say that’s beginning to change.

State Suggests Higher Values For TransCanada Dams

Results are in from the re-appraisal of the eight Vermont hydroelectric dams owned by Canadian energy company TransCanada. Officials say the new suggested values could mean higher tax revenues for towns that host TransCanada property. They could also mean more tax disputes.