Voices in the week’s news: June 5, 2009

Vermont businesses voiced concern over new border ID requirements, the state employees union moved to delay job cuts. These were some of the voices in the news this week.

Where to find $30 million?

With state revenues lagging, officials are grappling with how to cut $30 million from the budget. We’ll talk with a legislative leader and a member of the administration about what cuts are being contemplated. Also: A Vermont author tells us how to live with pigs. And a Vermont band from the early 1960s reunites.

Can government ease winter heating costs?

The program that helps low-income Vermonters pay for heat is at least $19 million short this year, and middle income Vermonters are also struggling to plan for winter. We’ll look at whether federal and state government can ease the concern about heating costs.

State Budget Cuts

The goal is clear but it won’t be easy: lawmakers and the Douglas administration need to cut $25 million from the 2009 state budget. On Wednesday, a list of possible cuts was presented to the group, which will make its hard choices by Friday. Senate Appropriations Chairwoman Susan Bartlett and Finance Commissioner Jim Reardon give us the latest update on how the decisions are being made.