Audio Postcard: Swanton, VT

As part of our ongoing series of audio postcards from Vermont towns, we visit Swanton. We begin by stopping by the village green, which is home to something that no other Vermont town has.

Audio Postcard: Marlboro

Today in our series of audio postcards from Vermont towns, we visit the hills of Marlboro, where at this time of year, music seems to pour from every open window on the Marlboro College Campus.

Audio Postcard: Wilmington, VT

The Mountain Mills is a 55-passenger cruise boat that tours the Harriman Reservoir in Wilmington. It’s named after the little logging community that disappeared in the 1920s when the Deerfield River was dammed to generate power. VPR’s Susan Keese paid a visit to Wilmington to see the boat close-up.

Audio Postcard: Mount Holly, VT

Every Vermont town has something unique to brag about in its history or geography.  But one town has a very unusual claim to fame.  The Rutland county community of Mount Holly, can boast of a link to Vermont’s prehistoric past.

Audio Postcard: Readsboro

In our continuing series of audio post cards from Vermont  towns, we visit Readsboro, located on a remote stretch of Route 100 near the state’s southern border. It has a proud industrial past and an equally proud connection to the Tyrolean Alps of northern Italy.

Audio Postcard: Barre

By the late 1800s, Barre’s quarries and stone sheds were humming – and among those whose skills were in great demand were stone carvers from Italy. But the greatest tribute to their artistry is on a hill outside of town at the Hope Cemetary.

Audio Postcard: Reading

The Windsor County town of Reading has a population of 707. The main street through town commemorates the day after an Indian Raid on Fort Number Four in Charlestown New Hampshire. VPR’s Susan Keese paid a visit to Reading and checked in on the town’s most famous four-legged resident, visited the local store and a monument on route 106.

Audio Postcard: Glastenbury

The town of Glastenbury is located in the Southwest corner of Vermont. It has only a handful of fulltime residents, and over time has developed a reputation as a ghost town. VPR’s Susan Keese brings us this audio postcard from Glastenbury.