Progressives Oppose Human Service Cuts

There are 180 members of the Vermont Legislature, and only 7 of them represent the Progressive Party. But despite their small caucus, the Progressives want to make an impact on how the state closes the $176 million budget deficit.

Progressives prepare for 2010 gov’s race

Vermont’s Progressive Party says it would support a Democratic candidate for governor in 2010 if the candidate passes a litmus test on three issues. Bob Kinzel talks with Anthony Pollina about Democrats and Progressives getting behind one candidate. Also, political analysis with Eric Davis of Middlebury.

Progs, Dems promise not to split vote

The latest vote count in the governor’s race shows Independent Anthony Pollina edging out Democrat Gaye Symington for second place. Democrats, Independents and Progressives are now looking back at the race, and they promise not to divide their vote in the future.

Pollina says Douglas distorts his credit card proposal

Independent gubernatorial candidate Anthony Pollina says incumbent Governor Jim Douglas is deliberately distorting Pollina’s plan to create a Vermont credit card. Douglas says the plan should be rejected because it will throw Vermonters deeper into debt. Pollina says that charge is simply not true. VPR’s Bob Kinzel reports.