Financial aid and paying for college

As financial aid decisions are on the horizon for many families, we talk with the head of VSAC about paying for college, and how Vermont’s key student assistance organization is fairing in the financial markets. Also, how Calvin Coolidge capaigned (or didn’t) for the presidency, and a food hub may help keep growing food manufacturers local.

NE Governors want more home heating aid

Eight Northeastern governors – including Jim Douglas – are urging the U.S. House to approve $5.1 billion in funding to help low income Americans heat their homes next winter.

Paying for College

Don Vickers, director of the Vermont Student Assistance Corporation, and Karen Gross, president of Southern Vermont College, talk with us about what families need to consider in their plan to pay that tution bill. Also, what are the implications when part of the Champion Lands change hands – again. And Vermonters wax poetic about … potholes.

VT Edition Interview: Noah Baker Merrill on Direct Aid Iraq

According to UN figures, two million Iraqi refugees have fled into neighboring countries since the U.S. invasion in 2003. Now, one Vermont man is working to make sure they have access to health care. VPR’s Jane Lindholm talks with Brattleboro resident Noah Baker Merrill, who is the founder and coordinator of a grass roots medical relief project called Direct Aid Iraq.

Officials upset over proposed 10% cut in local highway aid

According to the Vermont League of Cities and Towns, higher property taxes or delayed road projects will be the result of a decision to cut funding for local highways and bridges. But the Douglas Administration says it’s just trying to prioritize the state’s overall transportation needs in a difficult budget year.