Vermont Recognizes Abenaki

At a ceremony outside the Statehouse Monday, Gov. Peter Shumlin signed a bill recognizing the Missisquoi band from the Swanton area and the Koasek band from the Newbury area.

Vermont Recognizes Two Abenaki Tribes

After years of fighting to be recognized, some members of the Abenaki Indian community have been officially  acknowledged in Vermont. Governor Peter Shumlin signed bills on Friday that grants state recognition to the Elnu Abenaki and the Nulhegan Band of the Coosuk Abenaki nation.

Senate Approves Abenaki Recognition

The Vermont Senate has unanimously approved legislation that’s designed to expand state recognition to various Bands of the Abenaki Indian tribe. Supporters of the bill say it will allow the Bands to take full advantage of a variety of federal programs.

Celebrating Champlain400

We broadcast live from ECHO Lake Aquarium and Science Center in Burlington.  Guests include David Hackett Fischer, author of Champlain’s Dream, and Mary Watzin, a lake researcher at UVM.  And, we learn more about the indigenous celebration underway.

Interview: El-Nu citizen Melody Walker

All this week we’ve been hearing about Vermont women and the contributions they’ve made to the history and the culture of our region. Today, we meet a young woman who’s working to keep that culture alive and thriving. Melody Walker is an artisan, historian, and member of the El-nu Abenaki tribe.

Sounds of 2008: Abenaki Song

We’re reflecting on the events of the past year through our series "Sounds of 2008.” In January, we heard from some members of Vermont’s Western Abenaki culture who don’t want to lose their language.  

Abenaki bands protest recognition process

Three bands of Vermont Abenaki Indians say they’re insulted by a proposal to address problems with a 2006 law that recognized Abenakis as a minority population, but not as a tribe.