Indoor Gardening

When the grey clouds are looming and icicles hang down from the eaves, it’s nice to have a green plant on your windowsill. We’ll learn how to grow salad greens indoors, and how to keep your potted plants thriving.

Town Meeting Day Round-Up

Town Meeting Day is fast approaching and there are many issues large and small up for vote. We’ll preview some of the items on ballots across the state. What’s the biggest issue in your town?

Education Taxes: Is The System Working?

We discuss the challenges of the current education funding system and what changes could be made to fix it, hear about author Sarah Stewart (S.S.) Taylor’s new book, The Expeditioners and we learn about the new rules regulating bait fish.

What To Do With Number Two

Like the popular children’s book said: everyone poops. But what happens to it all afterwards? We’ll learn all about septic systems, wastewater treatment, and some innovative methods of dealing with that stuff everyone has, and nobody wants.

Vermont’s New Adjutant General

Newly elected Adjutant General Steven Cray discusses issues affecting the National Guard, VPR’s Hamilton Davis analyzes Vermont’s efforts to establish a health care exchange and we listen back to the voices in the news.

Breaking The Tie

Last week the Lieutenant Governor performed a part of his job description he very rarely gets to do: he cast the tie-breaking vote on the End of Life bill. We’ll talk to Phil Scott about that vote and his agenda for the start of his second term. We’ll also hear live music with Dwight & Nicole.