The Rose Ensemble: Christmas in Elizabethan England

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Renaissance England was both a glorious and challenging place for
composers. Music flourished as an essential part of royal functions and
courtiers cultivated musical skills.

”Christmas in Elizabethan England” features motets and anthems by
Thomas Tallis, Robert Parsons, William Byrd, Robert White, William
Mundy & Orlando Gibbons, as well a selection of medieval carols and
Renaissance dances for instruments. Christmastime in the age of
Elizabeth was a time to celebrate all aspects of the life of Christ,
and seasonal music from this time describes Christ’s passion, death and
ascension as well as his birth.

We’ll take this journey with Rose Ensemble, a Twin Cities-based
group recognized for its ability to reawaken the ancient through
imaginative performances of vocal music, connecting each individual to
past worlds with stories of spirituality and humanity.

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