Welcome to November

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We welcome November with selections by Joe Lovano, Ornette Coleman, Carla Bley, Count Basie,
Paul Mc Cartney, The Vermont Jazz Ensemble, and many more…


The Jazz Scene- "Repetition"
Count Basie- Verve Jazz Masters- "Kansas City Wrinkles"
Bred Mehldau-Where Do You Start?  "Hey Joe"
World Saxophone Quartet-Experience- "Freedom" and "Wind Cries Mary"
Vijay Iyer- Solo- "Human Nature"
Steve Kuhn- Life’s Magic- "Never Let Me Go"
Wildflowers-New York Loft Jazz 1976-"Over The Rainbow"
Ben Webster- See You At The Fair- "Over The Rainbow"
Marc Johnson- Shades Of Jade-"Snow"

Spectrum Road- "There Comes A Time"
John Mc Laughlin -The Essential John Mc Laughlin- "Rawalpindi Blues"
Mahavishnu Orchestra- Visions Of The Emerald Beyond- "Can’t Stand Your Funk"
Vermont Jazz Ensemble-25 Years In The Moonlight- "Chelsea Bridge"
Jazz Mandolin Project- Xenoblast- "Igor"
Mike Stern- All Over The Place- "You Never Told Me"
Jazz Soul Seven- Impressions of Curtis Mayfield- "I’m So Proud"
Ninety Miles- Live At Cuba Disco- "The Forgotten Ones"
Bruce Babad- Tribute To Paul Desmond- "Line For Lyons"
Paul Desmond-Dave Brubeck -1975: The Duets- "Stardust"
Dave Brubeck- Dave Digs Disney- "Alice In Wonderland"

Ornette Coleman-Virgin Beauty- "Singing In The Shower"
Nguyen Le- Purple- "Up From The Skies"
Joe Lovano- Im All For You- "I Waited For You"
Kurt Elling- 1619 Broadway- "Come Fly With Me"
Georgie Fame- Poet In New York- "On A Misty Night"
Tadd Dameron- The Magic Touch-"On A Misty Night"
Steve Swallow- Always Pack Your Uniform On Top- "Feet First"
Bennie Maupin- The Jewel In The Lotus-"Past Is Past"
Paul Mc Cartney -Kisses On The Bottom- "Home"
Miroslav Vitous- Infinite Search-"When Face Gets Pale"

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