January Jive

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Tonight we explore and celebrate well- known pop bands with jazz roots (Earth, Wind and Fire, Tower Of Power, Kool And The Gang),recordings with memorable cameos by jazz musicians (Phoebe Snow’s "Poetry Man)-performances of jazz standards by musicians such as guitarist Jeff Beck, as well as music by Gary Peacock, June Christy, Tom Waits, and War.







Hour One

-Kool And The Gang- Light Of Worlds- "Street Corner Symphony"
-Earth Wind and Fire- Last Days In Time- "Remember The Children"
-Earth Wind and Fire- Head To The Sky- "Clover"
-Phoebe Snow- "Harpo’s Blues"
-Phoebe Snow- "Poetry Man"
-Jeff Beck- Best Of Jeff Beck- "Goodbye Porkpie Hat"
-Jeff Beck- Blow By Blow- "Scatterbrain"
-Tower Of Power- Back To Oakland- "Below Us, All The City Lights"
-Archie Shepp- The Way Ahead- "The Stroller"
-Billy Hart- Enchance- "Hymn For The Old Year"
-War- Best Of War- "City, Country, City"

Hour Two

-Keith Jarrett- Facing You- "In Front"
-Don Pullen- Montreux Concert- "Richard’s Tune"
-Dave Brubeck- 1975: The Duets- "Summer Song"
-William Parker- Violin Trio- Holiday For Flowers"
-George Gruntz-Piano Works III- "Blue Daniel"
-June Christy-Stan Kenton- Duet- "Everytime We Say Goodbye"
-Ted Curson-Traveling On-"Song Of The Lonely One (Ode To Booker Ervin)
-Eric Dolphy-Vintage Dolphy- Ode To Charlie Parker
-Ken Peplowski- Easy To Remember- Easy To Remember
-Art Pepper- Winter Moon- "Blues In The Night"
-Paul Motian- Electric Be Bop Band- "Holiday For Strings"

Hour Three-

-Dexter Gordon- Manhattan Symphonie- "Body And Soul"
-Gil Scott Heron- Winter In America- "Song For Bobby Smith"
-Sidsel Endresen- Exile- "Stages I, II, III"
-Tom Waits-Blue Valentines- "Kentucky Avenue"
-Don Cherry-Multikulti-"Until The Rain Comes"
-Gary Peacock, Ralph Towner-Oracle- "Burly Hello"
-Cannonball Adderley- Radio Nights- "Unit 7"
-Earth, Wind and Fire- Spirit- "Departure"

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