Art Hounds: The Silent Treatment

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Our Brandon Art Hound, Bette Moffett, suggests becoming part of the
soundtrack at the next silent movie night at the Brandon Town Hall
. Musician Jeff Rapsis provides live scoring of the Charlie Chaplin film, "The Gold Rush."

Judy Tosado of Springfield met a local musician near a
riverbank and was so impressed, she did some digging and found out that
Michael Friedmann
is an accomplished jazz artist with a concert in Saxton’s River on July

Burlington artist Mike Nedell recommends this weekend’s
three-day, band-heavy festival taking place at Burlington’s Intervale,
called The Precipice.


To become an Art Hound for VPR, call the Art Hounds Hotline at (802) 778-9585 to record your recommendation or fill out the form.

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powered by the Public Insight Network. Original music was written and performed by Dave Keller.



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