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This week on Art Hounds, Vermont writer John Flanagan recommends the Portland Cello Project concert in downtown Burlington.

Flanagan says the band never becomes a parody, despite it’s one-instrument niche and penchant for playing such tunes as the "Super Mario Brothers" theme song.

The Portland Cello Project plays the BCA Center on Friday, August 24th.

Vermont filmmaker, Jay Craven, called our Art Hounds hotline to rave about the second annual Peacham Acoustic Music Festival.

We heard from others about this event, as well, like, Tracy Witt, a co-manager of the Peacham Farmers’ Market.

She wrote in to say, "…there’s no way to predict what will happen and what we will hear and experience; I can’t wait. My parents are coming from Colorado to attend and volunteer, and my husband is flying in from Russia for the weekend. That’s how much we love this festival."

After seeing Suzanne Vega in concert and being thoroughly impressed with the sound, venue and atmosphere, local singer/songwriter Peg Tassey suggests the Goddard College Concert Series.

Tassey tells us how seeing a performer live can change your whole view. Upcoming shows in the series include The Sierra Leone’s Refugee All-Stars and Sean Hayes.

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