Art Hounds: Man of (Bending) Steel

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Vermont poet and playwright David Budbill raves about Circus Smirkus–the homegrown traveling troupe of young people–which celebrates its 25th anniversary this year.

Budbill says even though the circus performers are only aged 10 to 18, they can tumble and tightrope as well as their older circus brethren.

In fact, Budbill says there should be medical intervention handy, because of the heart-stopping nature of the show.

Circus Smirkus begins in Greensboro, Vermont, on July 1st. Find the tour schedule here.

Joel Patterson of Mountain Top Studios in Troy, New York recommends the last-Friday-of-the-month event, Troy Night Out.

Troy Night Out gives the city an "open-late" feeling, as art galleries extend their hours and musicians and dancers stroll the streets, performing.

Burlington portrait photographer Todd Lockwood gives his recommendation for sculptor David Stromeyer’s work at Burlington City Arts and Burlington’s City Hall Park.

Lockwood says Stromeyer’s enormous bent steel structures nearly defy words and gravity and must be seen in person to fully comprehend.

The opening reception and artist talk for "David Stromeyer: Equilibrium" is Friday, June 29th at Burlington City Arts.

Writer Deborah Lee Luskin tells us about the Unity Hills Chamber Music Concert with husband-and-wife team, Joseph Swensen and Victoria Eisen, along with young performers Gabriele Castelli and Amalie Elmark Nandfred.

Swensen and Eisen also founded a sort of "Peace Corps for musicians."

Luskin said she attended a similar chamber concert last month and was honored to be in the presence of such personable and talented musicians, along with their stunning instruments, such as a Stadavarius and a cello built in the 1600s. 

Find out the concert days, times and locations here.


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