Interview: New policy for asylum seekers takes effect

Refugee shelters on both sides of the U.S.-Canadian border are teeming with refugees trying to beat a deadline that goes into effect on Wednesday. The Safe Third Country Agreement between the U.S. and Canada mandates that refugees seeking asylum do so in whichever country they reach first. Mitch Wertlieb talks with Patrick Giantonio, executive director of Vermont Refugee Assistance, about the implications of the policy.

Groundwater mapping project behind schedule

Two-thirds of Vermont’s population gets its drinking water from underground sources. Yet a program to map groundwater areas is under-funded and behind schedule. Environmentalists plan to make groundwater protection a top priority for the upcoming Legislature.

Student music composition explores issues of prejudice

The issue of prejudice has been on the minds of students at Winooski High School. All this fall, they studied the book “Witness,” by Karen Hesse, which explores racism in Vermont in the early 1900s. Their study culminated this month with some special music, composed by the students, based on some themes in the book.

Vermont Game Birds

Continuing this week, VPR commentators are serving up some “Very Vermont Food.” Today, commentator Elizabeth Ferry considers a locally grown alternative to traditional turkey and chicken.

Local Red Cross chapter accepts donations for Asia relief

The Northern Vermont Chapter of the American Red Cross says it’s received many calls from people who want to contribute to the disaster relief effort in Asia. The death toll from flooding caused by an underwater earthquake had climbed to more than 52,000 by Tuesday evening.

Year in Review, Part 2: Howard Dean

All this week, VPR marks the transition between the years. We look back at the events that shaped our state in the past 12 months. The most compelling political news was the remarkable story of Howard Dean and a presidential campaign that wasn’t to be. Today, in our series on “2004, the Year in Review,” VPR’s Steve Delaney examines the mark Dean has made on American politics.